i’m a 20-something-year old documenting stories in central kentucky. here's what makes my heart beat the hardest: date night in with max and our pups, gypsy and dallas (hello fellow home bodies), challenging myself in the gym, collecting cookbooks, oh and your love of course.

iced chai lattes
friends that feel like home
oversized clothes
cheesy cooking shows

some favorite things. . . 

you don’t need an insane destination for your love to be worth photographing. i want to document your love here, there, everywhere. to work well with me, all you need to understand is that photos should be freaking fun. let your hair be one with the wind, laugh so hard you get three chins, bring your buck wild pup, and love on each other like no one is looking.

hi there -
i'm morgan


together. . .

we pair well


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