I'm a 25-year-old photographer, artist and friend documenting stories along the east coast. I'm a lover of Jesus, small town charm and an extra cold glass of riesling.

i'm morgan.
a visual storyteller.

The most comforting gift I can give you as your photographer is a friend. A friend who will dream with you, encourage you, laugh with you, probably cry with you and cherish you forever. I'm here for you as your friend to ensure you have heirlooms to share with your babies and your babies' babies and so on. 

I'm newly married to my high school love, Max. So, having been on both sides, I feel even more qualified to dream with you and for sure cry with you *cue the wedding planning tears. I'm here, as your friend, to encourage you to be yourself. All that you are is exactly what I'm after. I take so much joy in learning about your love and visually creating cherished heirlooms.

friends first...

- Lauren

“These are so amazing!! You must do our photos for every event for the rest of our lives!!”

love letters from past clients

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